VMware Data Recovery Mount Show Password Detail?

Posted on October 9th, 2009 in Tips, VDR | No Comments »

I was testing VMware Data Recovery and I found something may disclose to security leak.

Basically my VMware Data Recovery configuration are mounted on Linux Samba network share at “\\xx.xx.xx.44\oper” and “\\xx.xx.xx.44\share” as you can see below.

VDR Network Share

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Why not backing up the VM with VCB

Posted on August 26th, 2008 in VCB, Virtualization | 4 Comments »

VCB is Cool? But it may not Cool for me.

Since the day VMware had launched the VCB to the public which promising to deliver the real solution for backup related. I am really followed up the news since the day they declare the roadmap until it get down to the market of the release.

I should say I am disappointed with the VCB abilities today as I do believe to get VCB work, there had been too much extra cost had needed to be incurred to our investment. As you may aware, I believe the most popular backup software now days which fully integrated well with VCB in the market, which had been demo LIVE during the VMworld year 2007 is only Symantec Netbackup. To setup the POC and test is not too tough in this case, but I started realize as it didn’t really justify the amount of money I should put in to my backup environment.

As for most of the VMs in production today which had been considered critical and important, but it still not as important as the physical DB or ERP servers which run in production. To have VCB in place, the TCO is higher than using the standard Netbackup we currently.
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