New Generation of Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1240

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Cisco UCS had updated the product line up with VIC 1240, VIC 1280 and LOM expander which allow a single half width blade to aggregates up to 80Gbps total bandwidth to deliver high performance and high throughput requirement for the server system.

The New VIC 1240 come with the following capabilities.


Advanced Support for Virtualized Environments

The Cisco UCS VIC 1240 implements the Cisco VM-FEX, which unifies virtual and physical networking into a single infrastructure. It provides virtual-machine visibility from the physical network and a consistent network operations model for physical and virtual servers.

The Cisco UCS VIC 1240 supports VMware’s VMDirectPath with vMotion technology, which allows it to:

  • “Pass through” the hypervisor layer
  • Provide near-bare-metal performance for unified computing systems
  • Integrated modular LOM for new generation Cisco UCS blade servers
  • Delivers up to 80 Gbps aggregate bandwidth to the servers, with the use of an I/O expander in the optional mezzanine slot
  • Near bare-metal I/O performance
  • Ease of management
  • Exceptional network visibility
  • support  Up to 256 dynamic virtual adapters and interfaces

Please read more from the official Cisco UCS site

You can also refer the detail architecture from here

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Cisco UCS Product Update with B200M3

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I just received an email from my Cisco Counter Part today, which Cisco had released the B200 M3 to their UCS line up. First thing I did, is to launch the Netformx design tools from my Laptop which provide myself the direct access to the latest configuration and price list online and authenticated by Cisco.

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Cisco UCS added new Fabric Interconnect to the Product Line

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Cisco had recently added new Fabric Interconnect to their product line up which provide more choice to their client to be consider for their deployment. Previously there were only 6120XP and 6140XP in place for the Fabric interconnect architecture as part of Cisco UCS. The new Fabric Interconnect 6248UP which provide 32 ports FCoE with additional 16 ports expansion module on unified port available which support FCoE, LAN and SAN FC with appropriate module.

While introduce new Fabric Interconnect, the IO Module for UCS Blade Chassis had been further enhance with 2208XP which provide 80Gbps throughput per IO module, and allowed up to 160Gbps per chassis. This option will allow users to provide higher throughput to the blade infrastructure which require more than 80Gbps per chassis.

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Cisco UCS Rank #3 in Worldwide Blade Server Market

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Cisco Unified Computing System had been in the market for more an 18 months now. I am considered 1 of the pioneer members who had sold couple of units to our client locally. It had been proven as 1 of the best blade system with fabric architecture to the client and reliability & quality had able to satisfied the client for more adoption worldwide.

Recently there are public announcement that Cisco UCS is rank #3 in worldwide blade server market. This is really great news for Cisco Team who had put in a lot of efforts and partner who are involve to make this success. Of course the client who had adopted to Cisco UCS should be impress and happy with the value that UCS had brought on which transform the traditional open system computing technology for the day to day operation as well.

If you had not tested or tried the Cisco UCS before, I will strongly urge you to keep an eye open and give it a try on that.

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Cisco Transforms Rack Mount Server with UCS integration

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The recent release firmware for Cisco UCS version 1.4 had enabled the support of new blade B230M1 and C series rack mount server integration allow server management from UCS manager. This is a big major changes to the IT market today. Now you will enjoy service profile functionality similar to blade system in Cisco UCS even though if you choose to deploy a rack mount base solution. Not every environment will go with blade system only, therefore Cisco UCS C series rack mount solution integrate with UCS manager is important. It is interesting to monitor the respond from others server vendor such as HP, IBM, DELL, SUN and etc  for this major improvement.

Here is the sample screen shot

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