Is Public cloud ready for enterprise application such as Office Applications?

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Microsoft had pushed very hard for the office 365 to all their existing client doesn’t matter they are SMB or Enterprise. Personal opinion, I had tried out the office 365, the experience is useable but it doesn’t meet the requirement of my expectation for office use. Anway, this is just 1 of the down side. When you look at the infrastructure readiness and dependancy, I think enterprise may putting too much risk as now to adopt to office 365.

If the office 365 are able to be dedicated connectivity and resources with robust infrastructure behind, it could make a lot of different for many users to be considered.

Recently there are many outage happen on the cloud provider, which alert many of the users start to re-think to the strategy of cloud to minimize the business impact in the event of unexpected outage. A right strategy for Cloud can bring benefits to the company, but a wrong strategy of cloud could end up create disaster to the environment too. Those major outage top news had forced the service provider to further enhance the infrastructure uptime.

This report explain the uptime been claimed by Google and Microsoft both.

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Cisco and VMware Submitted VXLAN for Open standard

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Interesting announcement from Cisco and VMware during the VMworld 2011 which was regarding the VXLAN capability. Both company had invited a group of product principle together to submit the VXLAN to IETF for approval as a standard for future.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what is VXLAN and why do we need that. As of today, DR solution are commonly deploy by every enterprise environment. Did you realize 1 of the biggest challenge which always happen on the DNS record, hard coded IP segment, subnet and VLAN which always require human interaction to manually change it, to allow a success fail over of the DR scenario? Well, I think this is just 1 of the major issue commonly face. With Cisco Nexus 7000 come with OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization) which allow you to stretch the Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3, with minimal bandwidth requirement. Cisco had done a great job to the enterprise to address this, which now you can have both side learning the same VLAN, Subnet and ip address. A DNS and ip changes is no longer require as both end are transparent with similar VLAN.

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Virtual firewall and security solution offload is the trend of future

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I was just attended the session this morning talk about the virtual layer security after consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing environment. As many of the users previously adopted to virtualizaton, most of the time the security consideration were minimal due to the technology limitation of that time. But today, vmware and their solution partner had produced large number of solutions available in the market which can help the users to further strengthen the security readiness after virtualization. Example will be vmware vshield edge, application, cisco nexus 1000v, cisco vsg, check point and etc. All these products was focusing on similar thing which try to off load the necessary work load from the current virtual machines to the hypervisor or virtual switch level. This will able to prevent antivirus scanning storm, performance issues and etc.

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Future of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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This topic is very hot recently, especially the major outage just happened from the Famous Public Cloud provider : Amazon recently, had created major alert for those users who are currently subscribe or planning to move on to public cloud.

Virtualization had become matured and well adopted by most environment today. The next wave no longer focusing IaaS, but the focus will be more on User Experience such as VDI, Application virtualization, SaaS, PaaS and etc. Matured users will start to look into applications & data availability.Virtual Machine HA fail over are not good enough to provide higher availability.

Virtual Machine could be fail over during hardware failure, how about services failure or the application client server dependency issues? Example : There may be the application or middle ware machine require manual restart during a HA kick in scenario.

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Arista Network for Virtualization vEOS vs Cisco Nexus 1000V

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Arista could be fairly new in this region, but they had been proven to be 1 of the reliable and high performing low latency switches in the market today. The main market for them are mainly focus on trading, FSI and high performance environment. Lately, I had noticed Arista start to move into cloud & virtualization market aggressively. While Arista is very aggressive on this, there are some changes or option been brought into the market by them.

10Gbps Ethernet no longer as a dream to most enterprise environment. It had become affordable, and realistic to be adopted while users decided to build the virtualization or private enterprise cloud. I had always highlighted that network had become major component of the success for cloud or virtualization, therefore the manageability on the virtual switch had become equally important as well. Previously, Cisco Nexus 1000V is the only choice to perform virtual switch layer management. If you do not want to go for it, you have another choice here. Arista had a similar offer which is vEOS, that allow virtual traffic direct integrate and visible over to the Arista Physical Network switches.

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