Install Windows 7 on Cisco UCS blade with USB key

Posted on January 19th, 2010 in Hardware, Server | 2 Comments »

As I am setting up the demo for our event tomorrow, I had actually install 1 of the Cisco UCS blade to run with Windows 7 64 bits. The Windows 7 contains 2 x Intel Xeon R5540 with 48 GB memory. Before we could install the machine with USB key, we need to connect the console cable that come with Cisco UCS package which allow VGA, console and USB ports to be connected to any of the UCS blade.

This picture show the live running Cisco UCS with console connector

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VMWARE ESX Server Management Script

Posted on November 7th, 2008 in Data Center, Operating Systems, Others, Tips, Virtualization | 2 Comments »

Have you ever experience your Virtual Console down and VMWare Infrastructure Client not working?

Here’s an alternative solution for you: a Bash script to run on your ESX Server.

Sample screen shot:

VMWARE ESX Management Tool Script
Author :
Version : 1.00.20081107.14.31
Supported ESX Version : 2.5 – 3.5

0. VM Informations
1. Register VM
2. Unregister VM
3. Check VM Status
4. Power ON VM
5. Power OFF VM
6. Suspend VM
E. Exit


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VM Guest not able to be boot up

Posted on September 26th, 2008 in Operating Systems, Virtualization | No Comments »

Today, something weird happen. 1 of my VM guest which is windows 2003 server suddenly hung up. When I try to reset it, the Console screen show blank after the bios screen. I try to attach the VMDK to another newly created VM and it still not functioning. To verify the vmdk is not corrupted, I mount the vmdk to another windows 2003 VM and I found that the VMDK is functioning.

After that, I try to check most of the setting and log file from putty and virtual center. Here is my finding. Due to some unknown reason, the .vmx file setting and the configuration on the virtual center show really different. I had to force restart the virtual center service, and reconfigure some of the resources setting in virtual center to ensure it had not reserve or limit any resources on CPU and memory, and I power up the VM again. This round, the VM able to power up and functioning. Originally, It shouldn’t reserve any resource as I had not configured that. For some unknown reason, the resources limit had been configured by the ESX itself. This had happened in the pass but it had not cause any issue.

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