Intel Moving to 10Gbps Ethernet

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 in Hardware, Industry News, Virtualization | No Comments »

Intel had recently acquirred the company call Neteffect which is focusing on 10Gbps ethernet adaptors technology. As 10Ge is no longer a new thing in the market, but we still do not see it become the popular solution in the industry due to the expensive switches, NIC and solution that been widely control by the technology leader in networking solution. As we may also see some technology related to infiniband which provide 20Gbps by using HCA (host channel adapter), that will be another major competitor to be compared with the 10Ge.

Personally I had been urging the storage and network vendor over and over again regarding the 10Ge products. The reason of it is pretty simple that the Fiber Channel is just too expensive to be deployed and managed VS ethernet 10Ge. But the concern is the vendor are very slow responding to the 10Ge release roadmap although customers are demanding on that.

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Why ESX are not suitable to run on Blade

Posted on September 30th, 2008 in Data Center, Hardware | 7 Comments »

1st of all, the reason of being utilize blade system in the market are looking at the point of servers consolidation, reduce power consumption and reduce the TCO require to purchase in term of hardware compare to the 1U, 2 U and 4 U servers. When we do compare the reason of having blade, you will always notice it was comparable between 2U and 1U servers in the x86 family and data center environment. In large scale deployment, you will always see that the Blade allow you to scale and spend in the sense with more stand alone machine you can have with the limitted rack space and power you do have in your DC. These seems to make sense for us to start moving to blade, BUT it also have some risk which will become major issue later on.

Before you can use blade, you require higher power consumption per rack to support approximately 30 to 32 blades per racks on 42 servers rack. At the same time, the cooling unit design in you DC require to be customize to ensure your blade chassis is working in perfect condition. Once you have this, then you may able to start think about Blade.

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VM Guest not able to be boot up

Posted on September 26th, 2008 in Operating Systems, Virtualization | No Comments »

Today, something weird happen. 1 of my VM guest which is windows 2003 server suddenly hung up. When I try to reset it, the Console screen show blank after the bios screen. I try to attach the VMDK to another newly created VM and it still not functioning. To verify the vmdk is not corrupted, I mount the vmdk to another windows 2003 VM and I found that the VMDK is functioning.

After that, I try to check most of the setting and log file from putty and virtual center. Here is my finding. Due to some unknown reason, the .vmx file setting and the configuration on the virtual center show really different. I had to force restart the virtual center service, and reconfigure some of the resources setting in virtual center to ensure it had not reserve or limit any resources on CPU and memory, and I power up the VM again. This round, the VM able to power up and functioning. Originally, It shouldn’t reserve any resource as I had not configured that. For some unknown reason, the resources limit had been configured by the ESX itself. This had happened in the pass but it had not cause any issue.

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6 cores and 8 cores CPU licensing module for VMware

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As 6 cores and 8 cores per cpu is going to be launched in the market, there had been some discussion going on about the licensing model current apply to the VMware licensing policies. As current agreement, it will maximum allow 4 cores per CPU sockets. Down the road, it will be 6 cores and 8 cores per CPU. They might be a chances of VMware to change their CPU licensing model in the future, or they may stick with the current policy which base on the physical CPU sockets. VMware is the best products at the current Virtualization market, but they do need to understand that the TCO for a users to start the Virtual Infrastructure Enterprise is more or double the price of the potential customer to switch for Xen, Citrix or Hyper-V. Personally,

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