SAP on VMware with SUSE Linux

Posted on November 1st, 2008 in Data Center, Hardware, Operating Systems, Virtualization | No Comments »

SAP on VMware is hot but not new in the industry today. Many of us as the IT architect are seeking opportunity from time to time to reduce the IT spending but improving the productivity to the business. I would like to share my experience for SAP on VMware.

SAP always have their internal certify program which certify from software to hardware level to ensure their users are compliance with the application requirement for the SAP deployment. You will see a big range of choice you can choose from the certify list from Unix, Linux to Windows as an example. On my case, we choose Novell SUSE Linux as we have a good relation with Novell which require minimum amount of software subscription to run our environment. At the same time, the latest version of SAP are recommended to run on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 64 bits with MaxDB 7.5. SUSE Linux 10 is perform as you need on VMware. The support from Novell and VMware both are committed to the VM which run the SUSE Linux. This had been the important point of why I am choosing SuSE linux over the rest of the operating system available.

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Virtual Center Server corrupted after 2.5 U3 upgrade

Posted on October 24th, 2008 in Virtualization | 8 Comments »

Many of you may trying to upgrade the Virtual Center Server 2.5 U3 which recently release from VMware. As usual, I always like to be the earlier bird to test out everything and be excited to implement to my environment. Here is what I discover during the after the upgrade.

During the upgrade, there is the SQL script at the backend which trying to upgrade your DB table for your virtual center database and update manager. It does show some error during the upgrade and the screen will dissapear. Once it complete, you will find that your virtual center are still functioning as usual. 2 days later, you will start realize the Virtual center services is not able to be started anymore. Now is the big problem come. If you have backup your DB before the upgrade, you should be good. Or else, you will lose whatever data previously you have. Always backup the DB before any upgrade. A good example, missing template posted by superman previously.

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