VMware Partner with Google to provide Cloud Portability

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VMware had partner with Google now to ensure the cloud portability.  This will significant improve the portability of the cloud ready application in the future which provide more flexibility and success integration within vCloud, vSphere, 3rd party cloud and Google cloud.

you can view more information from the official announcement here.

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Buy VMware?

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What is “Buy VMware“?

Buy VMware
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Look carefully at the images show as above! I’m sure you will notice Google search engine result could not find “Buy VMware” keyword on pages from Malaysia(Ignore Sponsored Links). This is NOT for fun which actually I found on Malaysia VMware sitemeter report. Does Google search engine stupid or intelligence? Google search understand English? What do you think? Probably this article will show on top on Google search result later. Yeah! SEO expert here …..

Anyway other keywords such as “Buy VMware ESX” and “Buy VMware Workstation” either from google.com or google.com.my worked perfectly which it will show VMware Store URL: http://www.vmware.com/vmwarestore/.
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Google Suggest VMware

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Google Suggest VMware?

Google Suggest VMware

Why VMware Fusion is on top keyword? Does VMware Fusion have more users than VMware ESX? I would assume high traffic for VMware Fusion keyword compare to VMware ESX.

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Google PR4 After 1 Month

Posted on September 28th, 2008 in Announcement | 4 Comments »

I would said ‘amazing‘. Malaysia VMware Community Blog was started at 22 Aug 2008 and I was surprised when I noticed Google PageRank 4 for us today. It’s taken about 1 month and 1 week.

Seriously I’m not believed when I saw PR4 just now. I have checked with multiple computer (multiple browsers with Google toolbar installed) and PRChecker web site.

Malaysia VMware Communities

Yes it’s confirmed PR4 for us. The smart Google search engine definitely looking for good content website. Write more and good content is the only way to go for higher Google PageRank.

As part of Malaysia VMware blog teams, I’m really proud of it within short period of time. Good work to all the team mates.

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