Create VMFS with High Availability and Vmotion in local hard drive

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I just read an interesting article and wat the demo video for the products of Stor Magic SvSAN which is capable to provide the flexibility for us to utilize the local Hard drive in our machine to act as a share storage. As we know, the 1TB SAS HDD is available in the market today, and most of the ESX servers we have today, are not running with local storages due to the requirement of HA, DRS and VMotion within ESX servers. In the video, it show the flexibility and opportunities to fully utilize the ESX servers we have. I am interesting into this particular products and idea and downloading for a try now.

More review will be publish after my test on this. If the success of this products is true, we should able to save some money for some of the cases which may not require big SAN box to their environment to entitle the HA, DRS and Vmotion features. Stay tune.
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How to Enable Virtual Machine Monitoring

Posted on September 24th, 2008 in Tips | 2 Comments »

Previously Craig posted about Monitoring features from ESX 3.5 update 2 and I would like to share How to Enable Virtual Machine Monitoring here.

  • Login to Virtual Center
  • Right click on your Cluster
  • Click Edit Settings
  • Click VMware HA
  • Click ‘Enable virtual machine monitoring

VMware Virtual Monitoring

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Running SuSE Linux Cluster on VMware

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What? Running SuSE Linux Cluster on VMware ESX? Basically if you have VMware HA and DRS enable, your virtual machine is running on cluster mode. Then, why running Linux cluster on VMware? Who care? It’s just for fun and for personal testing purpose only.

1st, create two SuSE Linux(I’m running SLES 10 SP2) on VMware running on same network said cluster1( and cluster2(

2nd, add new hard disk on VMware infrastructure client. Please remember to choose ‘Use an existing virtual disk‘.

Click here for bigger image.

3rd, install and configure Linux cluster heartbeat.

Make sure you have heartbeat RPM install
cluster1:~ # rpm -qa|grep heartbeat

cluster2:~ # rpm -qa|grep heartbeat

Install Linux cluster heartbeat RPM package if you haven’t install
cluster1:~ # rpm -ivh heartbeat-xxxxxx
cluster1:~ # rpm -ivh heartbeat-stonith-xxxxxx
and etc

Edit Authentication file (same for cluster1 and cluster2)
cluster1:~ #vi /etc/ha.d/authkeys
auth 2
2 sha1 MVM_CLUS2!

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Live Clone on Virtual Center 2.5 update 2

Posted on September 4th, 2008 in Virtualization | 1 Comment »

With the latest release from VMware on the virtual center, it does provide the LIVE CLONE features which previously I had also suggested to the local VMware representative. What is Live Clone, Live clone meants you can now clone the VM in online status.

This had been really impressed and simplify the day to day task for our operation perspective. We know the snapshot manager is the option do help when we apply changes to the VM, but some how for critical machine, we do need to have clone another set of VM in case for roll back purpose.

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VMware ESX 3i licensing details

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Here is some explanation from VMware regarding the different module been offered on the ESX 3i from VMware.

ESX 3i Licensing Details
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