PSOD on HP Proliant G7 with AMD 6100 Series

Posted on March 1st, 2011 in Server, Tips, Virtualization, vSphere | 2 Comments »

There is known issues been faced by small group of user who had deployed their VMware ESX host on the latest platform with G7. You can refer to the official link from HP here and additional KB from VMWare referring to the same issues. If you are facing this, you may be the unlucky 1, but nothing much you could do as the PSOD message will refer to the CPU error, compatible issues and etc.

The only thing you could do is to wait until both HP and VMware to come out a final fix in this case. Quick solution, is change hardware vendor or different platform. I had experienced 3 times about it, in the past 2 months and this is the latest finding we had received from both VMware and HP regards the latest PSOD we had. HP had recommended to upgrade the BIOS, Firmware and driver for multiple times, but this doesn’t fix the issue we are facing. Lately there had release another new update bios and hope this problem will be gone after this.

Feel free to share any work around solution beside the official link provided by tech support.

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Network Card Driver failed ESX host with DL 585 G7

Posted on January 18th, 2011 in Server, Tips | No Comments »

Recently there are couple of issues I had faced on the latest DL 585 G7 server which installed with ESX 4.0 Update 2. The common problem reported by couple of users are same which could potentially caused all the network traffic dead off for the entire ESX host. The even worst case could be happen and cause Purple screen to the ESX host. The current solution is to either update the NICs driver with the latest version, but I will suggest to disable all on board NIC and replace with either Broadcom and Intel Gigabits adaptor. This will isolate unnecessary issues which I had not seen in others servers brand.

Please refer to the VMware Forum Here for the confirmation on bugs with multiple users who experience the same issues as I did.

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Consolidate Server Network Virtualization and Storage

Posted on January 22nd, 2009 in Data Center, Hardware, Industry News, Server, Virtualization | 1 Comment »

Latest news from Cisco which confirm the release of Code Name California by early of March 2009. The solution will provide integration for Data Center Servers, Network Management, Virtualization and Storage Management from 1 console which the vendor believe to simplify the IT management which we had suffer for Years. HP is currently working on the product which provide the same features as Cisco California did. IBM will also soon to join the competition of this product range. With this technology in place, it may change the environment significantly for the next generation data center and my personal point of view is still the cost, features and reliabilities of the products. It will be good for consolidate with acceptable pricing and reliabilities especially at the current economy. Anything that help to save cost will be the top priority to be considered for IT spending.

Revise IT strategy on Economy Crisis

Posted on October 16th, 2008 in Data Center, Industry News, Operating Systems | No Comments »

Economy crisis is already happened and impacted to every business around the world. The major impact are really hit to the banking and financial environment. At the same time, I believe that the financial sector are the highest IT spending every year and everywhere around the world to provide service availability to their customer, stock market, and treasury trading.

If we analyze what happen to the IT spending on the financial and banking environment, you will not surprise to see that the amount of storage, servers, solution and unnecessary equipment been under utilized for every bank around the world. The IT department for financial sector had been comfort live for many years and is time now for them to review and revise their IT spending to ensure higher return from their investment.

Open source or reliable LINUX had not been really high utilize in financial sector are really due to the comfort living of their IT department. Personal point of view, why we have to run something else on the expensive IBM AIX, mainframe, HP UX, Microsoft, Oracle VS the reliable LINUX from x86 or x64 platform to perform the same result? The simple answer is really the mindset from the person.
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Why VMware Regional Office for Asia South not in Malaysia?

Posted on October 9th, 2008 in Industry News | 5 Comments »

VMware had setup their regional Asia South office in Singapore quite some times ago. Personally, I am wondering should this be the correct decision to be based in Singapore which is seems to be a higher cost sustain area, and the IT market in that area are just not focusing enough compare to Malaysia. The reason of saying this, is not because myself is a Malaysian.

1 of the good example, IBM had ship their regional office to Malaysia from Singapore previously, because they saw the potential market grow in this country as well as more talent source in Malaysia for IT related area. Many of the IT giant are setup the IT hub, data center as well as corporate office in Malaysia to enjoy the TAX free holiday as well as cheaper real estate cost and man power resources. There are HP, IBM, DELL, SHELL, EDS, HSBC, Prudential and etc around in Malaysia. Guess what, most of them are even having their production data center in Malaysia itself.

Now we go back to VMware, virtualization is growing in Malaysia, but the present from VMware are more relay on the partner in here. Training are not provided as what been provided in Sinagpore or Australia. Most of the time, even in singapore training center, the attendees are not Singaporean. As economy crisis now, to attend a training in Singapore will be 3 times more expensive for someone who attending a training in Malaysia. If I not mistaken, they have less than 10 employees in malaysia for VMware itself. It just not big enough to attract the confident of the potential giant customer from Malaysia market if you do not present yourself strong enough as your competitor.

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