6 cores and 8 cores CPU licensing module for VMware

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As 6 cores and 8 cores per cpu is going to be launched in the market, there had been some discussion going on about the licensing model current apply to the VMware licensing policies. As current agreement, it will maximum allow 4 cores per CPU sockets. Down the road, it will be 6 cores and 8 cores per CPU. They might be a chances of VMware to change their CPU licensing model in the future, or they may stick with the current policy which base on the physical CPU sockets. VMware is the best products at the current Virtualization market, but they do need to understand that the TCO for a users to start the Virtual Infrastructure Enterprise is more or double the price of the potential customer to switch for Xen, Citrix or Hyper-V. Personally,

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Microsoft Servers on VMware

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Latest news from microsoft had announced to revise the licensing program for virtual machines which run the Windows servers. 1 of the critical comment do upset a lot of the potential customer to further increase the volume of the windows server in thier environment.

Microsoft said they will support the windows machine which run on virtual server, but they refuse to support the VM which run on VMware. As consumer point of view, that will really as a show stopper to a lot of the potential customer to host thier production environment with more windows server in the future.

Compare Microsoft with Novell SUSE Linux, Novell really do a great job providing full support to the customer who have subscript for support every year, and they will support any virtualization platform that you will host your SUSE Linux.
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