Future of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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This topic is very hot recently, especially the major outage just happened from the Famous Public Cloud provider : Amazon recently, had created major alert for those users who are currently subscribe or planning to move on to public cloud.

Virtualization had become matured and well adopted by most environment today. The next wave no longer focusing IaaS, but the focus will be more on User Experience such as VDI, Application virtualization, SaaS, PaaS and etc. Matured users will start to look into applications & data availability.Virtual Machine HA fail over are not good enough to provide higher availability.

Virtual Machine could be fail over during hardware failure, how about services failure or the application client server dependency issues? Example : There may be the application or middle ware machine require manual restart during a HA kick in scenario.

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Nice Video of the HyperV that you will not want to miss out

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I had watched the nice video which posted by Duncan from yellow bricks days back. The video had showed some “GREAT” result and excellent BLUE SCREEN that every administrator will not want it to be happened to themself. Windows Servers running on HypverV and getting bunch of blue screen is not a joke. You should reconsider to put your mission critical environment with HyperV rather than VMware and Xen.

You can read more about the article from here and watch the nice video too.

Have fun.

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New Join effort from Microsoft Hyper V and Redhat Virtualization

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Latest industry news show that both Microsoft and Redhat had finally agreed to support each others in their virtualization technology to allow inter operation and support to each others. Beside SuSE Linux, we will later see the Redhat able to be run on Microsoft Hyper V. For consumer, is a good move absolutely for both Microsoft and Redhat users which allow their customer to standardize and consolidate their virtual environment more efficient. But if we compare both to VMware, I will say they are still far behind as we can see the capabilities from VMware to interop with any operating system base on x86 or x64 today.

How Hyper-V quick migration fails

Posted on August 22nd, 2008 in Industry News, Virtualization | 3 Comments »

This is an interesting video posted by VMware. Basically, this video is about how Hyper-V Quick Migration breaks network connections.

Personally, I would preferred VMware vMotion.
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