Ethical in IT blogging

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IT blogging become one of the biggest success platform for all IT Users to communicate, share and collaborate globally. I can’t recall when was the last time I really spend time to read a book that related to IT technology. Most of the time, I will refer to some of the famous and professional IT’s blog to keep myself up to date with IT news and technology changes.

Recently there are many bloggers abuse the influence power they had to miss lead the reader from the blog posts they created. As a blogger, we should always be independent and provide our professional opinion and share about the communities.

I am proud to tell my Friends and Clients that my blog are not sponsor or subsidies by any of the product company. And the group of blogger we have are not relevant to our day to day job. This allow us to be independent and share any opinion we think about. I went through quite a number bloggers website and found the content are purposely bias to certain discussion that commercially benefits to them.They try to miss lead the readers to the direction they can gain benefits.

If I have to blog about something due to financial benefits and not my honest opinion, I will rather not to blog about it at all.  This post is just to share some frustration that I found from some IT blog around the community.

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Private Cloud Computing & IT Operation Compliance

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Private Cloud computing had become a key focus in our region started from early this year. Many of the enterprise users are looking into providing IT as a Service to the business unit by adopting to Private cloud computing in their existing IT infrastructure. While Cloud computing become very efficient by offering on demand & utility base computing, self service management and others offering, some of us may had forgotten about the Internal IT operation compliance such as Incident, Problem, Change & Release management as an example. Are we going to revamp the entire process to bring private cloud computing into the environment? I am doubt about this, at least most of the users or client that I met, they will definitely require the compliance to stay on even the move to private cloud computing environment today or tomorrow.

Prior to the cloud computing solution roll out in the enterprise environment, we should spend more time to understand the road map and methodology to ensure the success roll out for the entire solution. Some features or functionality may or may not require to certain environments.

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IT as a Service with Service Provider Partnership

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Cloud computing no longer a new term to many of us, and we can see how the cloud computing concept had innovated the IT infrastructure in the current environment for the pass 24 months. Today we have those familiar term such as SOD = Storage On Demand, COD – Cloud on Demand, Provision & decommission on demand and many many mores term created. Another area, the ultimate goal of the cloud computing is to transform IT into the service base model. Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Services, Software as a service and now IT as a Service.

We all know that the success of the cloud computing environment, is always required consistent, low latency and high speed network that will be provided by the Service Provider. Whether you like it or not, Service Providers are always be part of the IT infrastructure. We had seen many of the service provider are jumping into the cloud computing environment to provide hybrid and public cloud model which offer to everyone across the globe. It happen in NA, EMEA and APAC at the same time.

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