Questions to VMware new licensing model

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I read through a lot of articles this week and spoke to numbers of users and friends who are the current VMware customers and future potential customers, and I found there are numbers of questions we need VMware to provide a better and clear answer to all of us. While we are excited with the new features from VMware vSphere, but the licensing model they apply now is killing the happiness of the customers.

Technodrone had highlighted couples of the important points that stated by the official document from VMware and I am absolutely agree that VMware need to answer these questions. Now it had started another heat discussion which turn the happy customers to become an unhappy customers soon as you will be forced to pay more if what Technodrone stated is correct. Existing enterprise users and new enterprise users will be forced to be upgraded to enterprise plus version to keep the system running, and I think VMware has to clear this up ASAP.

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6 cores limitation per socket for vSphere enterprise

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As the new licensing model from VMware vSphere 4, it clearly show that you may require additional 620USD per sockets to entitle yourself for the enterprise plus if which come with 12 cores per sockets, host profiles, distribution switch and etc.

For existing enterprise users, they will no longer entitle everything as they did in the past due to the new scheme that will apply by vmware. There is a clause which stated by the official documentation released from vmware.

” vSphere Enterprise is available for USD$2,875 per one processor with up to six cores for use on a server with up to 256GB    of    memory. “

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VMware ESX 3i licensing details

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Here is some explanation from VMware regarding the different module been offered on the ESX 3i from VMware.

ESX 3i Licensing Details
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6 cores and 8 cores CPU licensing module for VMware

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As 6 cores and 8 cores per cpu is going to be launched in the market, there had been some discussion going on about the licensing model current apply to the VMware licensing policies. As current agreement, it will maximum allow 4 cores per CPU sockets. Down the road, it will be 6 cores and 8 cores per CPU. They might be a chances of VMware to change their CPU licensing model in the future, or they may stick with the current policy which base on the physical CPU sockets. VMware is the best products at the current Virtualization market, but they do need to understand that the TCO for a users to start the Virtual Infrastructure Enterprise is more or double the price of the potential customer to switch for Xen, Citrix or Hyper-V. Personally,

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