VMware Finally Reverse the decision on Virtual Memory Limit

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VMware had announced to reverse the previous decision, which cap the virtual memory limit per CPU sockets license since vSphere 5.

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Memory Architecture of Cisco UCS

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Memory and I/O always the most important pieces in virtualization environment which will define the consolidation ratio in server virtualization. This will direct impact the TCO and ROI for the data center project. Cisco had launched their UCS server for quite some times which able to scale up the server memory up to 384 GB per 2 CPU server. Cisco UCS support up to 48 DIMMs slot in a single blade or rack mount server follow with the 250 M1 series product range.

This picture show how the memory architecture been define in the Cisco memory architecture.

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Virtualization on Blade

Posted on June 29th, 2009 in Data Center, Hardware, Tips, Virtualization | No Comments »

We see the growth in the market to be more aggressive for consolidation in the data center for both physical and virtual server from time to time. There are plenty of solutions in place allow blade to support virtualization today such as virtual connect from HP, pass through module, infiniband integration Xsigo, Cisco UCS and etc. This had significant resolved the I/O interfaces require per blade to host the virtualization host server. CPU and memory per blade and significant increase with the latest release from all the major server vendors, the CPU, memory and disk I/O are no longer the concerns for virutalization.

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Memory Hot Add for Virtual Machine

Posted on March 20th, 2009 in Operating Systems, vCenter, vSphere | 1 Comment »

The next version of ESX vSphere or ESX 4 new features – Memory “Hot Add” for virtual machine is not a secret anymore. The most important is Microsoft announced the drop of hot-add support from its roadmap, postponed to an unannounced date, reported by Virtualization.Info which is totally not make sense and it’s confirmed worked on next version of ESX/vCenter.

I would like to share how to configure memory “hot add” for Windows 2003 virtual machine.

Memory hot add
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Why ESX are not suitable to run on Blade

Posted on September 30th, 2008 in Data Center, Hardware | 7 Comments »

1st of all, the reason of being utilize blade system in the market are looking at the point of servers consolidation, reduce power consumption and reduce the TCO require to purchase in term of hardware compare to the 1U, 2 U and 4 U servers. When we do compare the reason of having blade, you will always notice it was comparable between 2U and 1U servers in the x86 family and data center environment. In large scale deployment, you will always see that the Blade allow you to scale and spend in the sense with more stand alone machine you can have with the limitted rack space and power you do have in your DC. These seems to make sense for us to start moving to blade, BUT it also have some risk which will become major issue later on.

Before you can use blade, you require higher power consumption per rack to support approximately 30 to 32 blades per racks on 42 servers rack. At the same time, the cooling unit design in you DC require to be customize to ensure your blade chassis is working in perfect condition. Once you have this, then you may able to start think about Blade.

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