Hyper-V are not for Enterprise

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I went through this article from Information Week and I absolutely agreed with the point been brought up by the author about the reason why Hyper-V is just not ready for Enterprise use. No question about Microsoft capabilities about the software they had developed. In fact, I had been with Microsoft platform for long year. But when come to virtual data center, I really believe CHEAP do not meant everything and they have a huge gap to close up the competition with VMware anyway.

You can read more from the original post here, have fun.

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New Join effort from Microsoft Hyper V and Redhat Virtualization

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Latest industry news show that both Microsoft and Redhat had finally agreed to support each others in their virtualization technology to allow inter operation and support to each others. Beside SuSE Linux, we will later see the Redhat able to be run on Microsoft Hyper V. For consumer, is a good move absolutely for both Microsoft and Redhat users which allow their customer to standardize and consolidate their virtual environment more efficient. But if we compare both to VMware, I will say they are still far behind as we can see the capabilities from VMware to interop with any operating system base on x86 or x64 today.

Hyper-V vs. VMware: Which is cheaper?

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Microsoft claims that Hyper-V is cheaper than VMwareBut there are several hidden costs that, depending on the user scenario, may make VMware the more cost-effective option, analysts and users say.

Microsoft touts Hyper-V as a lower-priced virtualization option than VMware’s ESXi, but for straight server consolidation, it’s unclear whether Hyper-V is that much cheaper than VMware because of Hyper-V’s system requirements and lower consolidation ratios.

More details article can be found at “Hyper-V vs. VMware : Which is cheaper?”

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Windows 7 Beta on VMware Server 2

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Today, I had fully tested the installation and functionalities for the latest Windows 7 on my VMware Server 2.0. The OS choice I choose from the VMware Server is Vista as for compatible to run the Windows 7. Impressively the performance is much more better than the Vista before. The installation had went through as usual as I do not run into drivers issues during and after the installation for Windows 7. Now I am enjoying the Windows 7 on VM with good performance compare to my Vista which always give me troublesome with unknown error.

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Microsoft Hyper-V Jokes?

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The comparison between VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V is not new to me or you today.

Frankly speaking, I’m big fans of VMware and I would like to share the related news – Microsoft Hyper-V jokes.

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So how important is LiveMigration/VMotion now?

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Will Microsoft sunset VMware? – 18 months later

Hyper-V with Server Core — Too Dry and Crunchy for our Taste

Hyper-V Server is Finally Here – But What Exactly Is It?

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