I had recently setup a development environment to verify the potential of migrating the existing age servers which running with Netware 6.5 from physical to virtual. The reason of doing this is purely due to the expiration of our server life cycle, and potential to reduce the capex requirement for replacing with new servers. As we know that the Novell Netware 6.5 will not able to utilize the quad cores processing power which is consider a common servers resources today.

I had tried to setup the VM for Netware 6.5 on VMware ESX 3.5, VMware Server 2.0 and VMware Workstation 6.5, and it was surprised myself that the workstation edition, I can easily provide 2 Vcpu for a single VM which run the Netware 6.5, which ESX 3.5 and VMware Server 2.0 is refused by default. I went for some google search and technical research, it show that the Netware will not require to have 2 Vcpu in most cases, even if you need to do so, you have to know the back door to overcome this.

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