Virtual firewall and security solution offload is the trend of future

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I was just attended the session this morning talk about the virtual layer security after consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing environment. As many of the users previously adopted to virtualizaton, most of the time the security consideration were minimal due to the technology limitation of that time. But today, vmware and their solution partner had produced large number of solutions available in the market which can help the users to further strengthen the security readiness after virtualization. Example will be vmware vshield edge, application, cisco nexus 1000v, cisco vsg, check point and etc. All these products was focusing on similar thing which try to off load the necessary work load from the current virtual machines to the hypervisor or virtual switch level. This will able to prevent antivirus scanning storm, performance issues and etc.

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Arista Network for Virtualization vEOS vs Cisco Nexus 1000V

Posted on April 19th, 2011 in Announcement, Data Center, Industry News, Virtualization | 2 Comments »

Arista could be fairly new in this region, but they had been proven to be 1 of the reliable and high performing low latency switches in the market today. The main market for them are mainly focus on trading, FSI and high performance environment. Lately, I had noticed Arista start to move into cloud & virtualization market aggressively. While Arista is very aggressive on this, there are some changes or option been brought into the market by them.

10Gbps Ethernet no longer as a dream to most enterprise environment. It had become affordable, and realistic to be adopted while users decided to build the virtualization or private enterprise cloud. I had always highlighted that network had become major component of the success for cloud or virtualization, therefore the manageability on the virtual switch had become equally important as well. Previously, Cisco Nexus 1000V is the only choice to perform virtual switch layer management. If you do not want to go for it, you have another choice here. Arista had a similar offer which is vEOS, that allow virtual traffic direct integrate and visible over to the Arista Physical Network switches.

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Network Consideration in Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Adoption to both virtualization and cloud computing, network become the important component of the success to both solutions. For many of the mature deployment and operation in virtualization, network become the uncontrolled piece in the virtual infrastructure which allow administrator to breech the change control management from the production network without proper authority from the network administrators. Some of you may not been agreed with this statement but it does impact the production environment.

The traditional vswitch or dvswitch did not provide control, manage as the physical switching environment in the data center. It allow administrator to provision new virtual machine and connect to network without proper request and change management in place. Let’s imagine, the effect will be the same as unauthorized persons connected a server to the production LAN without a change approval. In physical environment, we can shut off all the unused network ports in data center, in virtual, you will not able to perform this while using vswitch or dvswitch from vmware. Technology limitation for the past previous years does not allow network operation to be fully integrated until the Nexus 1000V from cisco & VMware join develop products come to place. This will allow administrator to manage and control the access level on the virtual environment as it does in physical switch. Transparency and Manageability is possible on virtual layer now.  Network performance analysis and troubleshooting become easier compare to previous.

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Tips to troubleshoot Nexus 1000V

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If you are deploying nexus 1000v in your VMware vSphere environment, you may usually hit to the point require to unload VEM, VSM or reconfigure. Today I found some tips just to share here. If you accidentally deleted your VSM which before you unload the VSM from the vCenter, you will either end up having orphan nexus 1000V show up in your vCenter. Even if you try to name the same as previous, it will prompt the error telling you that the previous extension key and your current extension are mismatch.

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VN-Link and Cisco Nexus 1000V Confusion

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Recently there are many confusion about these new terms VN-Link & Cisco nexus 1000V which been widely communicated to the IT user groups. Where were the confusion come from? Most of the time, we are getting confuse about what is VN-Link meant by Cisco. Below is some short description you may want to refer to.

Cisco Nexus 1000V is a enhance virtual distributed virtual switch which integrate to the VMware vSphere 4. With Cisco Nexus 1000V, you will contain VSM and VEM, which VSM will be the virtual appliances that host the management of Nexus 1000V, and VEM will be installed on each ESX host that been connected to the Nexus 1000V.  I will not go in too details about Nexus 1000V in this post as my intention is to clear up the confusion on the VN-Link meant by Cisco.

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