Big investment required on DR? Running out of budget to host the DR solution? Capex cuts due to economy crisis and impacted the IT project implementation and operational?

For any reason you may currently experience multiple type of challenges  as part of the leadership of your company, Project Manager, Solution Architect, as well as System engineer. Before the born of the Hypervisor, most of the cases, you may require building or implementing the same amount of servers and storages to ensure synchronization from production to DR sites.

It had been 180 degrees turned around today, as you may go actually look for hypervisor VMware ESX as the best solution in the market to really fully virtualize the DR solution for your environment. Trust me or not, I had already done it for every system which requires to be in DR such as ERP, SAP, Web servers, E-commerce and etc. In the yearly DR test, we had not experience any issues which are due to servers unstable, out of synchronization and etc. No matter what, virtualization had become realistic since couple of years back, and basically myself had taken the opportunity to virtualize the DR and prove it as a strong justification to build and gain the respect and confident from all customers worldwide. Some of you guys may had business concerns over the Virtualization technology performance metrics. Virtualization on DR does help on this case to impress the customers as well as the IT support team.
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