New Join effort from Microsoft Hyper V and Redhat Virtualization

Posted on February 18th, 2009 in Industry News, Virtualization | No Comments »

Latest industry news show that both Microsoft and Redhat had finally agreed to support each others in their virtualization technology to allow inter operation and support to each others. Beside SuSE Linux, we will later see the Redhat able to be run on Microsoft Hyper V. For consumer, is a good move absolutely for both Microsoft and Redhat users which allow their customer to standardize and consolidate their virtual environment more efficient. But if we compare both to VMware, I will say they are still far behind as we can see the capabilities from VMware to interop with any operating system base on x86 or x64 today.

Antivirus for VMware ESX host

Posted on August 24th, 2008 in Operating Systems | 1 Comment »

Someone posted a question about Antivirus for VMware ESX host in VMware forum recently which make me recall what I plan todo before.

Few month back, I was thinking of install Antivirus (probably ClamAV) for my VMware ESX box but I give out at the end of the day. Why? I think this is too much(for the time being). So far, I used to monitor or administrative more than 200 of SuSE and Red Hat Linux box and I have never install any anti virus software for Linux’s box. So why I need one for VMware ESX. Basically VMware ESX 3.x and Redhat Linux is almost the same.

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