VMware vSphere 4 Bundle with Novell SUSE Linux

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I read through 1 of the blogger post and found that the Novell SUSE Linux and VMWare vSphere 4 will be sell as a bundle if you purchase your software licenses for VMware vSphere 4 after June 2010. In order to utilize Novell SUSE Linux, you will require to purchase the software licenses as well as support contract to get the Novell support on both physical and virtual environment. VMware try to bundle the Novell SUSE Linux Software Licenses with the vSphere 4 now, which meant you will be licensed to install Novell SUSE Linux as the VM guest in every CPU that been licensed for VMware vSphere 4.  One key thing that you need to delve into the announcement to find is that the free SLES is unsupported. You get upgrades, but not support. VMware will offer extra-cost support for SLES  in due course.  VMware will also build all its own virtual appliances on SLES as part of the deal.

Please find the full blog post from here.

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Oracle officially supported on VMware Virtualization

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Previously Oracle had decline to provide the official support if you virtualizing your database instance into the VMware virtual infrastructure. Today, there is an official announcement from VMware which confirm the official support from oracle will be provided even you virtualize your database server into VMware.

This is a good news for most of the ERP users especially when you have SAP running in your production environment.

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SLES9 and SLES10 VM mount as Read only

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1 of the SLES 10 and 4 of the SLES9 SP3 are having the same problem which is mount in READ only mode today. Damm! I found the root cause and thanks to Linux kernel bug!

According to VMware KB Article 51306

VMware has identified a problem with RHEL5, RHEL4 U4, RHEL4 U3, SLES10, and SLES9 SP3 guest operating systems. Their file systems may become read-only in the event of busy I/O retry or path failover of the ESX Server’s SAN or iSCSI storage.

This issue may affect other Linux distributions based on early 2.6 kernels as well, such as Ubuntu 7.04

The same behavior is expected even on a native Linux environment, where the time required for the file system to become read-only depends on the number of paths available to a particular target, the multi-path software installed on the operating system, and whether the failing I/O was to an EXT3 Journal. However, the problem is aggravated in an ESX Server environment because ESX Server manages multiple paths to the storage target and provides a single path to the guest operating system, which effectively reduces the number of retries done by the guest operating system.

And the solution is:

This is not an ESX Server bug. This Linux kernel bug has been fixed as of version 2.6.22.

Note: This article does not supersede the Guest Operating System Installation Guide, a guest operating system upgrade may require an ESX Server upgrade as well.

For RHEL5, the resolution is to upgrade to Update 1, also refereed to as RHEL5.1

For RHEL4 U3 and RHEL U4, the resolution is to upgrade to Update 5, also refereed to as RHEL 4.5.

For SLES10, the resolution is to upgrade to SP2. For more information, see Novell KB TID 3605538.

For SLES9 SP3, the resolution is to upgrade to SP4, or SP3 Maintenance Release build 2.6.5-7.286.
For more information, see TID 3584352 – Filesystem goes read-only in VMware

For Ubuntu 7.04, the resolution is to upgrade to 7.10

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VMware Converter 4 Beta Available

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The VMware Converter 4 is now in public BETA. You will able to download the VM converter through the link below, providing you have an VMware store account for your log in. There are some new features in this version which provide the P2V solution for Linux environment on the fly. The Linux version which had been included are RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu Linux.

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How to add new volume in VM online (SLES)

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Your customer want you to add a new volume in one of the VM SLES server but can not affort down time? No worry, you can do that easily with ESX.

Below is step by step guide with screen captured from the VM (my test machine is running on SLES10 SP2):

Tip: It is best to do a snapshot before you start this task, incase anything goes wrong.

This is my test VM machine. It is having one disk at beginning.

1) This is my test VM machine. It is having one disk at beginning.

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