Cisco UCS C Series Rack Server

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Found an interesting video about Cisco UCS C Series Rack Server from Musings of Rodos.

Cisco UCS C Series Rack Server from Rodney Haywood on Vimeo.

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High Level Cisco UCS architecture

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As the picture show above, it is the high level architecture which requires to run the entire UCS solution from Cisco. Not necessary every environment will require Nexus 7000, it is meant for large scale networking environment. You may go with various different switches to replace the Nexus 7000 in the picture depend on your requirement. In the current UCS release, the UCS 6100 interconnect fabric will integrate with the MDS 9000 series Fiber Channel environment or others compatible FC switches. This allow UCS blade I/O to be consolidated with CNA with 10Gbps per connection as FCoE.  This had significant reduce the physical cabling requirement per blade chassis.

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Cisco UCS will soon to be in Malaysia

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Cisco had officially launched the UCS solution which include the blade servers and Nexus integration for couple of months and we are still waiting the products to be officially available in Malaysia. I just got an update this morning as the products is available to be ordered now and we should expect the products availability in Malaysia soon. I am very impressed with the features and capability, can’t really wait to physically test it out when the hardware available here.

Reduce numbers of Server Racks in Data Center

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With my last 3 years of experience, I had seen numbers of companies require significant expansion in the data center to support the business growth, just because of the additional 200 to 2000 servers or storage shelves they need to put in to the data center. With the technology today, it does help us to reduce the space we need to slot in the servers, and storage thanks to the success of virtualization and higher capacity disk drives in the market. To run a full solution of data center with less number of server racks for SME and enterprise, will no longer be a dream due to some facts below,

  1. Higher consolidation ratio in virtualization with the latest CPU, memory and servers performance
  2. Higher capacity disk drive which significant reduce the number of storage expansion require
  3. Virtual I/O which allow the higher utilization of the available bandwidth in data center
  4. UCS to provide consolidation and higher capacity of bandwidth to support network and storage utilization in the data center

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