Require a vCloud Director Beta User

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VMware vCloud Director was announced some time ago and it’s still consider new to me. I was contacted by William from StratoGen and they are looking for vCloud Director Beta user.

StratoGen will shortly be launching an exciting new cloud platform based on VMware vcloud Director. This breakthrough product offers a huge range of exciting features allowing you to build, deploy and manage your own private cloud using our class leading infrastructure.

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VMware Accquire Zimbra to boost the vCloud Effort

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VMware had officially announced the acquisition on Zimbra to boost the company vCloud effort. Zimbra provide free email client and collaboration software to the users. Zimbra was previously owned by Yahoo Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, VMware will purchase all Zimbra technology and intellectual property. Yahoo! will have the right to continue to utilize the Zimbra technology in its communications services, including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Calendar.
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VMware ESX 4

Posted on November 25th, 2008 in Announcement, Industry News, Virtualization | 3 Comments »

According to VMware Seminar today, the future of the VMware Enterprise Edition Virtualization which name as ESX 4 will be launched next year, will contain some of the features which been show case during the seminar to the public. Below is some of the information which had been shared by VMware for reference

1. 64 bits kernel VS the current 32 bits kernel on ESX server
2. Thin Provisioning
3. Fault Tolerance
4. 8 way virtual SMP
5. 256 GB memory per single VM

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