VCDX for VMware vSphere 4

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VMware had officially announced the certification path to obtain the VCDX version 4 recently. Now is time for all of us who are keen to proceed with VCDX 4 to understand the path to obtain the certification level.

  1. you need to obtain VCP 4.
  2. You will require to Pass the VCAP – Datacenter Design Exam
  3. Submit a VCDX4-DCD Application that is accepted
  4. Successfully present and defend a VMware Infrastructure Design and Implementation Plan

VCDX4 Upgrade Path
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Free 2nd try if you failed your 1st round on VCP 410

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Now there are offer for free on 2nd attempt on the VCP 410 exam if you had previously failed your VCP 410 exam.  You may read more information from here.

Exam Score with VCP 4

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With the new VCP 410 exam just launched, there had been quite a number of discussion going on to clarify the new scoring system vmware decided in the VCP 4 exam. I will suggest you all to refer to the link here which describe in details how the scoring system been defined in the new VCP 4.

I Pass my VCP 4 Exam Today

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Finally, I passed my VCP 4 exam today. I spend around 1 hour and 20 mins for the entire session to complete  the 85 questions. I am impressed with the questions during the test which is not straight forward and easy as previous exam in VCP 3. For my session, most question are related to hands on experience related to the virtual infrastructure.

VCP 4 mock exam is available at vmware educational website. You may want to refer simon long’s blog to prepare the VCP 4 exam. Both should be helpful. Additional to that, you should also practice in test environment about the HA, DRS, FT, Resource pools and etc.

Good Luck !!!

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Suggestion to VMware

Posted on January 6th, 2009 in Announcement, Industry News, Virtualization | 3 Comments »

Welcome to the year 2009 and I do hope to see the changes from VMware in term of their products strategy & marketing strategy too. Everybody aware that the price for the ESX enterprise could be the show stoppers to some of the potential users who want to choose VMware instead of the competitors such as Hyper V and Xen. In the current economy downturn, VMware should try to reduce the licensing costing to increase the market share which could be benefits to their customer. Customer will always sign up for the support agreement on yearly basis and it does allow VMware to generate revenue in long term base.

Beside this, training and certification are big issues in here. Most users will not affordable the training fees which is very expensive today to get certify. The value of the VCP should be the quality of deliver, and it shouldn’t be restricted to rich guy who able to pay for the course fees. Most expert are capable and experience but had not been attended any training and not certify which due to the expensive training cost.
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