VMware Workstation conflict with Virtual PC in Windows 7

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Microsoft had included the virtual PC with backward compatible of Windows XP to support the users who may had difficult to run their application on Windows 7. This is free and we can see more user will sure include this as part of the Windows 7 installation move forward. Bear in mind, if you have VMware Workstation running on the same machine, you may see the conflict happen if you have your Virtual PC application running and you try to start up a virtual machine from VMware Workstation. There will be a message prompt to inform you that there are existing hypervisor utilize the virtualization capabilities on your machine. The only way to get your VM start up is to end the session of your Virtual PC application. You should able to start your virtual machine up. Not very sure whether there are any workaround beside this, but at this moment, it consider a conflict and we need to choose either 1 to be run at a time.

Running ESX in Fusion

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Being a 1st time Mac user I am truly impress with the performance & capability. I was a true PC users with windows & started to use Linux quite a bit for passed 2-3 years.

Recently with anonymous tips from someone I was able to get ESX running inside VMware Fusion Version 2.0.1 (128865).

ESX in Fuion
Just create a VM as per normal wizard & select “Generic Linux” or “RedHat Linux” works well for me.
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Windows 7 Beta on VMware Server 2

Posted on January 12th, 2009 in Operating Systems, Server | 8 Comments »

Today, I had fully tested the installation and functionalities for the latest Windows 7 on my VMware Server 2.0. The OS choice I choose from the VMware Server is Vista as for compatible to run the Windows 7. Impressively the performance is much more better than the Vista before. The installation had went through as usual as I do not run into drivers issues during and after the installation for Windows 7. Now I am enjoying the Windows 7 on VM with good performance compare to my Vista which always give me troublesome with unknown error.

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How To Turn Off Beep Speaker Sound

Posted on January 6th, 2009 in Tips, Workstations | 3 Comments »

“Beep… beeep… beeeep…” such an annoying sound that always happen in VMware Workstation(I’m currently running 6.5.1) Linux and Windows guests machine.

I would like to share How to disable or turn off beep speaker sound on VMware Workstation.

  1. Look for virtual machine DOT VMX(.vmx) file.
  2. Edit virtual machine .vmx file.
  3. Insert
  4. “mks.noBeep = “TRUE””

  5. Save .vmx file.
  6. Power On virtual machine.

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VMware Server 2 Vs VMware Workstation

Posted on November 17th, 2008 in Industry News, Virtualization | 3 Comments »

As VMware 2.0 is officially launched and final release since October 2008, here I would like share some preview related to the new VMware Server 2.0.

VMware Server 2.0 is free and open source version, which is different with enterprise ESX 3i which also a free version from VMware. In term to utilize VMware server 2.0, you will require to have a Windows or Linux install on your machine or server, and install VMware Server 2.0 on top of the operating system to enable the hypervisor to be executed. This is different with ESX 3i which is not require any Operating System to be installed.

We may see this as a competitive product with VMware Workstation 6.5 which recently launched. If you ask my opinion, I will say that both are on different product range. VMware Server 2 can be consider as alternative to the business users, who may not need the advance technology & features to simplify their IT environment with minimal administration require. This product is more suitable for the Small Medium Enterprise users which may not have a Data Center for their working location. I will say that a Junior IT professional will easily able to manage the VMware Server and take the opportunity as a entry level for Enterprise Virtualization with VMware Server 2. Besides that, it does provide opportunity for every users to have virtualization in place for their business to provide better ROI in term of hardware investment and utilization.

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