XenDesktop License Server Flexibility

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While I am attending the training for XenDesktop today, we had covered the topic of License Server for Xendesktop.
I had raised the question to the trainer.

what if the license server go down, will all the existing connections or sessions been terminated automatically?

He had explained as the configuration in the license server and license files are design to prevent the point of failure in the scenario of license server unavailable due to any failures. You will be given 28 days period of time with unlimited seats in the event of license servers unavailable during the outage.

In normal scenario, assume your license server is functioning with 1000 seats, you will also allow to provision 10% extra within 28 days before you increase the purchased licenses. This will allow you to turn on extra capacity temporally in the short period.
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Future of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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This topic is very hot recently, especially the major outage just happened from the Famous Public Cloud provider : Amazon recently, had created major alert for those users who are currently subscribe or planning to move on to public cloud.

Virtualization had become matured and well adopted by most environment today. The next wave no longer focusing IaaS, but the focus will be more on User Experience such as VDI, Application virtualization, SaaS, PaaS and etc. Matured users will start to look into applications & data availability.Virtual Machine HA fail over are not good enough to provide higher availability.

Virtual Machine could be fail over during hardware failure, how about services failure or the application client server dependency issues? Example : There may be the application or middle ware machine require manual restart during a HA kick in scenario.

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Xencenter doesn’t work on Windows 7

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If you are trying to install the Xencenter on Windows 7, you may face an error which due to the pre-requirement for .net framework 2.0 as part of the installation. It will fail automatically as windows 7 doesn’t support with .net framework 2.0 anymore. As there are number of solution posted on the internet, but is not easy to resolve this issue. Most easiest way is to get an XP machines install with the xencenter and manage the Xenserver and VMs from there. It just weird that the support on windows 7 is not available up to date, Citrix need to react faster as Windows 7 adoption is big wave going on to many enterprise and newly purchase desktop and laptop.

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Oracle officially supported on VMware Virtualization

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Previously Oracle had decline to provide the official support if you virtualizing your database instance into the VMware virtual infrastructure. Today, there is an official announcement from VMware which confirm the official support from oracle will be provided even you virtualize your database server into VMware.

This is a good news for most of the ERP users especially when you have SAP running in your production environment.

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Nice Video of the HyperV that you will not want to miss out

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I had watched the nice video which posted by Duncan from yellow bricks days back. The video had showed some “GREAT” result and excellent BLUE SCREEN that every administrator will not want it to be happened to themself. Windows Servers running on HypverV and getting bunch of blue screen is not a joke. You should reconsider to put your mission critical environment with HyperV rather than VMware and Xen.

You can read more about the article from here and watch the nice video too.

Have fun.

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