The following article will share how to add new hard disk into SuSE Linux Enterprise Server without reboot.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a new LUN and assign to the ESX Server Storage Group on SAN.
  • Rescan Storage Adaptors on ESX Server Virtual Infrastructure Console.
  • Add new Hard Disk into VM by Edit Setting.
  • Open VM Console(SSH will work as well).
  • Detect new disk command #
  • Find new disk command # cat /proc/partitions
  • Create new partition on the disk command # fdisk /dev/sdx
  • Format new disk partition # mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdx1
  • Edit /etc/fstab to add in permanent mount point for new disk and partition.
  • Mount new disk # mount -a

Now, you should have your new disk mounted on the SuSE Linux system without downtime.