For some reason, when you require to clone or deploy a new VM guest using a template from one ESX host to another ESX host that having different network setup, you may have network problem.

Said for example, I have a SuSE Linux VM template sitting on ESX 1 which is only using “VMNetwork1” network setting. Whenever I clone or deploy this template to ESX 2 which is only using “VMNetwork2” network setting, I’m sure you will getting annoying error when power on the virtual machine.

VM network
You can’t change using “Edit Settings”.

How to solve this problem?
– SSH into VMware ESX host

– Run vmware-cmd command to list down the VM configuration file

[root@myesx05 root]# vmware-cmd -l

Note: Virtual machine configurations are stored as files with a .vmx extension.The VMX file is just a text file with specific fields that define the virtual machine’s configuration.

– Edit configuration file

[root@myesx05 root]# vi

– Look for network setting
ethernet0.networkName = “VMNetwork1”

– Change “VMNetwork1” to “VMNetwork2” and save it

– Restart the VM machine and the network problem should be solve.