For those who missed VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas hope this piece of info will trigger some excitement. Under the “Explore Technology & Architecture” category Breakout Session #TA3201 : Linux Strategy & Roadmap outline some interesting stuff for those pure Open Source or Linux house. It will definitely a good news if you plan or already virtualize with VMware. As most of us know the “legacy” VirtualCenter or the new name to be release vCenter required to have a AD or MS server in house to manage VI3 & ESX.

Beside OS dependancy it also require a database which currently so sad only work with Oracle or MSSQL. During TA3201 session under Linux Initiatives mentioned vCenter will have a Linux appliance version as well as a Cross Platform Client. As follow are some highlight what’s is in the vCenter Linux appliance. The interesting part is there is no mention whether it will support OpenSource databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.

I am really interested to know & looking forward for the release.