I just did my VCP 5 Exam las 2 days ago. I would like to share some of my experience to you, who may plan to go for the exam. Currently, VMware will allow all VCP 4 to proceed to direct exam upgrade path for VCP 5. You need to get your VCP 5 before end of Feb 2012. If you are failed to obtained the VCP 5 after end of Feb 2012, you will require to attend the official training before you can sit for the exam.

Well, I would like to share some of my thought and experience for the VCP 5 exam. I had passed it but it took me more than 1.5 hours as I recheck all the 80 questions after I answered the 1st round. I used to be the 1st VCP 5 in Malaysia, but I am not sure whether I am going to be 1st VCP 5 again in Malaysia. The exam is never easy as most of the questions are deep dive into specified technology area, and you will require a lot of hands on deployment, support administration or lab environment to visualize or provide the correct answer. Simon Long’s blog may had helped little bit, but to my surprise, most questions are relevant to the administration experience on VMware stuffs.

If you plan to buy DUMP to pass this exam, I will suggest you save the money and time to perform more testing in your own environment. Most questions are relevant to our day to day job rather than theory.Please ensure you master the functionality on vsphere 5 with all new capabilities and console. The exam cover Hypervisor, Storage, Cloud,  Networking, HA deep dive and scenario base troubleshooting. P

I am glad that VMware had set the standard for the certification high, and I hope they will continue maintain the quality of the certification.

I am officially VCP 5 now…. time to enjoy my weekend and good luck to whoever plan to go for VCP 5.