Many of you may trying to upgrade the Virtual Center Server 2.5 U3 which recently release from VMware. As usual, I always like to be the earlier bird to test out everything and be excited to implement to my environment. Here is what I discover during the after the upgrade.

During the upgrade, there is the SQL script at the backend which trying to upgrade your DB table for your virtual center database and update manager. It does show some error during the upgrade and the screen will dissapear. Once it complete, you will find that your virtual center are still functioning as usual. 2 days later, you will start realize the Virtual center services is not able to be started anymore. Now is the big problem come. If you have backup your DB before the upgrade, you should be good. Or else, you will lose whatever data previously you have. Always backup the DB before any upgrade. A good example, missing template posted by superman previously.

From this issue, I spent a full day to investigate 1 by 1 to troubleshoot and find out the root cause. I had even removed the entire VC and reinstall the previous version, unfortunately, problem is not as easy as I had thought. This doesn’t solve my problem. The last move, I reinitiate the DB for both virtual center and update manager both during the fresh installation, now the environment is back to normal.

I had conclusion the root casue is absolutely cause by the failure upgrade on the SQL during the upgrade installation. I am not very confident to the VMware QA team regarding their upgrade release. They should had tested this all upgrade properly before it release for the public. It could be very risky to the users always.

Some additional tips before you reinstall, you should browse to the folder location which previously store all the patches you had download for your update manager, in case you do not required to re-download again once you reinstall. The patches could be easily more than 4GB, which will take a long time for you to download from the internet again.

Today, I found some solution from VMware sites.

This had clearly explained the bugs they have for this upgrade. But again, is too late for my case which is already screw up my virtual center. Earlier bird is always risky and excited but again, VMware need to improve their QA and QC for the product release.