I was just attended the session this morning talk about the virtual layer security after consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing environment. As many of the users previously adopted to virtualizaton, most of the time the security consideration were minimal due to the technology limitation of that time. But today, vmware and their solution partner had produced large number of solutions available in the market which can help the users to further strengthen the security readiness after virtualization. Example will be vmware vshield edge, application, cisco nexus 1000v, cisco vsg, check point and etc. All these products was focusing on similar thing which try to off load the necessary work load from the current virtual machines to the hypervisor or virtual switch level. This will able to prevent antivirus scanning storm, performance issues and etc.

Especially on virtual desktop environment, workload offload is a must to be considered move forward to improve the consolidation ratio and maximize the the performance out of the infrastructure build. If you had not considered about this, you should immediately look into this as security can be another major bottlenecks to your infrastructure today, and of courses all the business units are always concern about it.