Virtual I/O is not new to the IT market and I was introduced by my friend about Xsigo recently.

Many enterprise who have implemented virtual environments as a way to consolidate servers and centralize management are running may facing I/O bottleneck issue. No matter how many servers, switches, SAN storage or operating systems that you have, you’re still require to go through IO device.


Imaging you are running on multiple VMware ESX hosts that have more than 10 nics and multiple HBA cards each. How do you going to manage your cabling? How many network switches or port require? What is the costs? What is the maximum I/O you can get? Now Xsigo can help you on virtualization I/O.

What is Virtualization I/O? As I/O today is specify on storage and network throughputs. In most cases, we used to manage with seperate environment for Storage connectivities and Network connectivities. Therefore, we will have HBA FC connection as well as NIC connection for every servers we have in the Data Center. You will also have different manage switch exist in your DC which require more administrator to manage seperately. In Virtualization, we speak about consolidate, increase utilization, centralized manage and etc. Xsigo Virtualization I/O will able to achieve the concept for us to standardize, consolidate, simplify, increase throughput and utlization for the environment we invested in DC.

Let’s imagine what happen today, you will have 4Gbps connection on FC from your server to the storage, but you will not necessary utulize that. You will not able to allocate the under utilize bandwidth to the rest of the client or connection which require, which is consider a waste. It happen the same thing to Network connection, in most cases, you may not require 1Gbps connection for each servers. Without Virtualization I/O, we will end up buying more manage switches, invest more bandwidth in Data Center and under utilize it. This technology even provide a better bandwidth for each connection and allow the combination for both storage and network. This will simplify the cable managment and adminstration time lead for long term solution. Host Channel Adaptor is cheaper if we compare the price of Host Bus Adaptor today. Is Virtualize I/O make sense? My personal answer is yes and it will just do exactly the same as what VMware provide, fully utilize your environment, for cosolidate, simplify and central manage for I/O in data center.