Virtualization become a MUST for every single environment which run a small, medium or huge Data Center today. Even we can see the grow at the level of small medium business as well as some manufacturing plant too. VMware as the technology and market leader, it had provide a lot of new flexibility in term of reducing carbon foot print, green IT initiative, as well as CAPEX saving and etc. It had been huge saving from every single different perspective. Somehow, it had created complexity in term of Data center, Power & Cooling, Storage, and of course the complexity and extra workload on the engineers who support the environment.

Many of the case study happen today, we do see that users or the implementers had not for see some important hidden potential issue during the earlier stages of deployment. The fast grow of the storage, the higher bandwidth required, specify cooling and power needed to be supplied for the Virtual Infrastructure zone in the data center as well as the operation support task needed to be carried on as daily basis.

A success architect for Virtualization had to been specialize is all those area I had stated above to ensure the entire deployment will able to achieve all the goals had been set during the project planning. Some how, we do need to urge the employers to send the system engineers for further training in multiple products, example like VMware training, Linux administration, Microsoft Training as well as Network Training plus Data center training too. That is all the necessary requirement for the engineer to able to support, manage and plan for future extension of the virtualization farm.

As to share here, a bad design on network will have slow performance impact to the network and DC, as well as bad configuration on storage could become corruption risk as well as I/O performance issues. For Data Center perspective, the power and cooling will be really concern as the storage and ESX host will require higher power to be operated, a proper power planning needed to be in place to secure the production environment of course.

Complexity = challenging, and is very depend on the management team to coupe with the technology change as well as the challenge to keep the engineers interesting of their work from time to time.

Simplify IT doesn’t meant the best solution too.