Within a week, there are 2 major accquires been done by VMware. By accquire RTO is not surprise to most of us as VMware trying to move forward with the complete cloud solution provider. But this morning, I got the sms from my buddy in VMware inform me about the accquire for Ionix and I am surprised.  After I read through the news this morning, here is the finidng. VMware did not 100% purchase Ionix from it parents company but some of it. Well, to me VMware and Ionix are both owned by EMC. Will there be any different whether is owned by VMware or EMC on this? We will have to keep an eye on that.

I have couple of deals dealing with Ionix before, I believe the issue here is not the owner of the products, and they should focus to improve the knowledge of the sales and technical guy to brief the partner more. No doubt, Ionix is 1 of the greatest product out of the market, but in order to success, the education pieces to partner and users are important.

I will say is an ambitious move for VMware this week towards the cloud computing. Remember Ionix suppose to release the automation and management pieces for vblock, I am not sure whether it will still continue or they are some changes going to happen soon.

You can refer to the official link here for more information.