Have you ever experience your Virtual Console down and VMWare Infrastructure Client not working?

Here’s an alternative solution for you: a Bash script to run on your ESX Server.

Sample screen shot:

VMWARE ESX Management Tool Script
Author : http://malaysiavm.com/blog
Version : 1.00.20081107.14.31
Supported ESX Version : 2.5 – 3.5

0. VM Informations
1. Register VM
2. Unregister VM
3. Check VM Status
4. Power ON VM
5. Power OFF VM
6. Suspend VM
E. Exit



Known Issue:
1) DO NOT support VM with space in the middle, ex: “MY VM Server”. It will show as 3 blank VM servers, and none of these 3 are working.

1) This script need to execute as ROOT on your ESX Server (DO NOT Support 3.0i and 3.5i).

2) There is absolutely no guarantee from us and use at your own risk!

Please feel free to modify, share and comment to make it perfect.

Creative Commons
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