I had been over excited by the public news been covered on Windows 8 official release. Of course, my buddies who are die hard fans to Microsoft had convinced myself to take a try on windows 8. My new DELL inspiron just arrive yesterday and I immediately loaded the windows 8 enterprise edition to the machine.

I would like to share some of the finding from my 1 day experience on windows 8.

Microsoft disable the start button on desktop is a major disastor. For task workers and power users, I will say the startup button with application shortcut is a MUST. The fancy new generation start button are too much into the tablet world and multi touch devices.

Coming back to the point, why the title mentioned windows 8 doesn’t mean anything to the VDI strategy. It is too much for the corporate users and task workers who need to access the data and application quickly. The new interface do not bring any good selling point to the enterprise to consider the windows 8 as new desktop strategy to be deployed in the day to day operation. If they are already on windows 7 today, they should agreed the windows 7 features is good enough to make them stay for another 4 years and new function in windows 8 will not require by the business today.

In VDI architecture, windows 8 will consume higher resource compare to windows 7 due to memory consumption which typically higher than windows 7 with new functionality. Memory are always the key component in virtualization, which could impact the overall user experience of the VDI in production environment. I do not have too much data as I am observe the memory consumption on my new machine are much higher compare to windows 7 with basic application on it.

For quick summarize, windows 8 is new innovative products for tablet and mobile devices more than the enterprise need. Do not get me wrong on this post, as the intention is to explain my personal view, why windows 8 will not make any different to the VDI strategy at the moment. This is base on my 1 days users experience, I may discover more in another few months time.