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Year 2008 Metrics

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Year 2009 is just around the corner, we would like to wish you and your family “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group portal was started at mid of August 2008 and it’s really busy year for us. We have nearly hundred posts and more than 180 comments up to date on our blog, 42 members on Facebook Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group and it’s still growing.

This is the first time we posted year 2008 Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group portal metrics. Basically the statistics details are based on Google Analytics and Awstats.

Monthly History:

Countries History:
As you can see, United States and Malaysia are the main source for us.

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Disk Performance on ESX and VM

Posted on December 22nd, 2008 in Data Center, Server, Storage, Tips, Virtualization | No Comments »

Recently I run some stress test on our VMware farm due to the prove of concept we try on some new products and I have some finding would like to share.

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Xsigo on ESX 3.5 Prove of Concept

Posted on December 18th, 2008 in Virtualization | 2 Comments »

Personally, I just initiated the prove of concept with the local vendor in our environment regarding the Xsigo Virtual I/O integration into our existing Network, Fiber Channel and ESX 3.5 Virtualization server. I would like to share some of my finding which I think may be useful for reference purpose.

Before the approach on Xsigo, I am actually working on the new design plan to improve the performance and capabilities of the existing virtual infrastructure for the large scale virtualization in our environment. I am actually think about the Cisco director switch on Fiber channel and the network switches of 6509 with 10Gb module, but the cost of doing this, is really going to kill us for the current economy down turn. Suddenly, I been introduce by my buddy with this brand new products which I setup the POC now and I found that is more make sense to look in this product to unlock the under utilize bandwidth in our DC include both Network and Fiber Channel.


  1. HCA is cheaper than HBA as we may need 2 HBA per server for redundancy purpose, which only provide 8Gb bandwidth, the HCA will provide 20Gb per HCA, which will be powerful enough for virtualization purpose.
  2. HCA will combine both network and fiber channel capabilities, reduce cabling requirement and improve bandwidth utilization.
  3. With Vnic and Vhba, we will able to create and utilize existing available bandwidth by reduce the number of FC and Network switches in the Data Center.
  4. I will able to reduce the cabling from 18 to 2 HCA connection per ESX in my environment

I am currently stress test the performance on the Xsigo chassis on our ESX, interesting that it will not sacrifice the performance as it able to perform as same as the previous configuration we done. Now, it provide the opportunity for me to utilize the FC ports in my Data Center without increase the number of FC switches, which is currently 95% utilize. Imagine, with 4Gb FC for HBA, except the high performance database server, we will not able to utilize the storage bandwidth on each FC ports. Same time, the gigabit network, will not be consume for more than 10% most of time, will provide more resources for the system which require extra bandwidth in the data center. Xsigo has the intelligent to manage the bandwidth and assign as needed.

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Buy VMware?

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What is “Buy VMware“?

Buy VMware
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Look carefully at the images show as above! I’m sure you will notice Google search engine result could not find “Buy VMware” keyword on pages from Malaysia(Ignore Sponsored Links). This is NOT for fun which actually I found on Malaysia VMware sitemeter report. Does Google search engine stupid or intelligence? Google search understand English? What do you think? Probably this article will show on top on Google search result later. Yeah! SEO expert here …..

Anyway other keywords such as “Buy VMware ESX” and “Buy VMware Workstation” either from or worked perfectly which it will show VMware Store URL:
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Veeam, are you serious?

Posted on December 5th, 2008 in Industry News | 1 Comment »

I received an email today from Veeam regarding products price increase in year 2009.

Veeam Products

Personally I’m not Veeam customer but I just curious about the price increase during this period. As we know the economy is bad, budgets cut and layoffs happen everywhere nowdays. I can believed that any company that spend are just to sustain the business need.
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