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vCenter 4.0 patch 1

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You experience these symptoms:
  • In vCenter 4.0, VMware HA might not failover virtual machines when a host failure occurs.
  • When the ESX host’s IP address in a VMware HA enabled cluster is configured with certain IP addresses, the node failure detection algorithm fails.
  • You are susceptible to this issue when all of your Service Console Port(s) or Management Network IP address(s) on your ESX host fall within the following range:

    3.x.x.x – 9.x.x.x
    26.x.x.x – 99.x.x.x

Note: You are not affected if one of Service Console Port(s) or Management Network IP address(s) on your ESX host falls outside of this range.

vCenter 4.0 patch 1 will help to fix this issue.

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FCoE in the Data Center

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FCoE is new today for data center environment, but it will be very soon adopt by most of the users in 2 years time. If we look at the current environment in most data center today, there will be isolated environment of FC connection for Storage and Ethernet connection for networking purpose in every single data center. Cabling management and knowledge require to keep the environment running and organize is becoming more challenging from time to time. Well, with the FCoE technology from Cisco, it will definitely simplify everything for us.
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NFS ISCSI and FC Storage on vSphere

Posted on August 8th, 2009 in Storage, Virtualization, vSphere | 1 Comment »

NFS, ISCSI and FC storage are all supported in VMware vSphere today. As some of the benchmark been done recently showed the performance of ISCSI and NFS had been improved versus ESX version 3.5.  In the benchmark report it show that the overhead on NFS and ISCSI were higher VS FC storage. With the latest processors chip from Intel and AMD, I believe the overhead on the CPU will not be the major concern as users are always considering to maximize the usage of the CPU power they have in the physical server.

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Moving forward with Cloud Computing

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I had been attended a round table workshop locally which organized by IDC and Novell 2 days ago. In the workshop, we had open discussion about the cloud computing regards Private or Public Cloud computing in the future for our local market. There had been some interesting discussions as we shared our experiences among each other who attended the workshop.

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