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SQL Native client on vCenter 4 with Windows 2008 64 bits

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Many of you may had slowly migrated your vcenter to windows 2008 64 bits or R2 recently. As we know, the vCenter server will still require a 32 bit DSN to connect to the 64 bit SQL database even the operating system are currently on 64 bits. You may able to search this on the google easily which suggest you to execute this command odbcad32 from start run to create the 32 bits client, but this may not work actually. I done twice and I hit the same problem as the ODBC console launch are still 64 bits.

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VMware Technology Day 2010 – Malaysia

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VMware Technology Day 2010 - Malaysia

VMware’s Technology Day is a deep-dive seminar designed toward individuals responsible for maximizing technology infrastructure efficiency and optimization within their organization. VMware Technology Day 2010 will focus on Desktop Virtualization, Infrastructure Management & Automation and Cloud Computing.

Explore and discover the latest virtualization and cloud computing technology and solutions in this complimentary one-day event that will showcase how VMware and our partner organizations are revolutionizing the next generation of computing.

Your Opportunity

Technology Day will provide you with the opportunity to find out how to

  • Transform Your Technology Infrastructure and Deliver IT as a Service
  • Automate, Simplify & Control Your Desktop Infrastructure Environment
  • Control & Manage Application Migration (focusing on Win 7) With Ease
  • Build and Manage Security Within A Virtual Environment
  • Guarantee SLA Performance Management & Delivery
  • Automate Capacity Measurement, Analysis and Management
  • Integrate Services For Seamless Project Plan, Design and Implementation

Who Should Attend

Technology Day 2010 has been designed for end-users, implementers, influencers and decision makers focused on Cloud, Desktop, Datacentre and Application infrastructure within their organization. Your attendance will ensure that you receive the latest and most relevant virtualization technology update to bring back to your office.

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Storage vMotion with Thin Provisioning

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Some interesting finding to share during the last migration I did. I was performed the cold migration for all the virtual machines on the production. Before we migrated over to the new SAN storage, all the current virtual machines are running with thin provisioning enable from vSphere 4. During the storage migration process, you will need to choose either same as source, thin provision or none thin provision. I had chosen same as source option and perform the storage vmotion. After the storage vmotion done, I realized that the virtual machine had no longer with thin provision enable.

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vCenter and DVSwitch Migration

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Yesterday I just did a migration of vCenter server from Physical to virtual. I re-install and configured the vCenter on the virtual machine and manually registered all the ESX host to the new vCenter. 1 of the challenges I faced was the DVswitch. I had created the same DVswitch name and port group in the new vCenter. Guess what, during the migration, the virtual machines network disconnected. I tried to dig around whats went wrong, as I found there was case senstive on the dvswitch. The case senstivie applied and happened on the Hypervisor level but from the vCenter perspective, it may not be the case as Windows does not has the issue with case sensitive. I try to create a new DVswitch port group with the correct case sentitive as I did on the hypervisor previously, vCenter detected as duplicate portgroup name.

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