Yesterday I re-setup the VMware environment for my client. There was a weird problem we were facing on the port group from standard vswitch for VMkernel. Here is the step how I create it.

Firstly, I created a new vSwitch, which is vSwitch 1 is this case, and I created 2 extra port group which is NFS1 and NFS2 at the same time with correct ip, subnet and etc. Once I done that, I click ok to apply the configuration. Funny thing happen now, the NFS1 created was working as I can mount the datastore as I need. NFS2 was giving problem which it suppose to point to different storage unit for NFS, it could not reach the storage unit. I try to perform vmkping on the ESX host, and it could not reach the storage host.

After I troubleshoot for 30 mins, I decided to remove the NFS2 and re-create again. This round, it works. This happen to 2 of the ESX hosts we rebuilt, and I had confirmed this is the bug on the ESX 4.0 update 2. All the configuration is perform via vCenter GUI. For the additional 2 more host, I tend to create 1 VMkernel at 1 time, and this problem is gone. This bugs had cost us time to figure out, but it could harm your environment if both port group created are pointing to the same storage. You may want to recheck your redundancy configuration while you setup your environment in the future.