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Yes! I support VMware!

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I support VMware

Referring to Eric posted about “Show your support for VMware“, I’m 54 supporters of VMware. Yes! I support VMware!
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Buy VMware?

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What is “Buy VMware“?

Buy VMware
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Look carefully at the images show as above! I’m sure you will notice Google search engine result could not find “Buy VMware” keyword on pages from Malaysia(Ignore Sponsored Links). This is NOT for fun which actually I found on Malaysia VMware sitemeter report. Does Google search engine stupid or intelligence? Google search understand English? What do you think? Probably this article will show on top on Google search result later. Yeah! SEO expert here …..

Anyway other keywords such as “Buy VMware ESX” and “Buy VMware Workstation” either from or worked perfectly which it will show VMware Store URL:
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Google Suggest VMware

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Google Suggest VMware?

Google Suggest VMware

Why VMware Fusion is on top keyword? Does VMware Fusion have more users than VMware ESX? I would assume high traffic for VMware Fusion keyword compare to VMware ESX.

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VMWARE ESX Server Management Script

Posted on November 7th, 2008 in Data Center, Operating Systems, Others, Tips, Virtualization | 2 Comments »

Have you ever experience your Virtual Console down and VMWare Infrastructure Client not working?

Here’s an alternative solution for you: a Bash script to run on your ESX Server.

Sample screen shot:

VMWARE ESX Management Tool Script
Author :
Version : 1.00.20081107.14.31
Supported ESX Version : 2.5 – 3.5

0. VM Informations
1. Register VM
2. Unregister VM
3. Check VM Status
4. Power ON VM
5. Power OFF VM
6. Suspend VM
E. Exit


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