I just received an email from my Cisco Counter Part today, which Cisco had released the B200 M3 to their UCS line up. First thing I did, is to launch the Netformx design tools from my Laptop which provide myself the direct access to the latest configuration and price list online and authenticated by Cisco.

I notice there are couple of significant improvement from this new generation blade as below

  1. 2 sockets base blade servers to provide up to 16 cores with Intel E5 chip by utilizing 1600Mhz DDR3 memory
  2. It provide up to 384 GB of memory with 16 GB memory module
  3. IO interface through put increase up to 40Gbps per blad

I had done the comparison to B230M2, the B200M3 seems to be a better choice for high density computing which require higher memory but considering to reduce the foot print of the machine.

Great release from Cisco which provide more option for us to consider moving forward in the future.