I just read an interesting article and wat the demo video for the products of Stor Magic SvSAN which is capable to provide the flexibility for us to utilize the local Hard drive in our machine to act as a share storage. As we know, the 1TB SAS HDD is available in the market today, and most of the ESX servers we have today, are not running with local storages due to the requirement of HA, DRS and VMotion within ESX servers. In the video, it show the flexibility and opportunities to fully utilize the ESX servers we have. I am interesting into this particular products and idea and downloading for a try now.

More review will be publish after my test on this. If the success of this products is true, we should able to save some money for some of the cases which may not require big SAN box to their environment to entitle the HA, DRS and Vmotion features. Stay tune.

You can have a look about the technology from here