Previously Craig talked about Storage Planning – Virtualization, the following article will share about “How to design Storage LUNs for optimum performance” – stripe Single LUNs to MetaLUN.

The most important point to fasten up LUNs speed is increase the spindle count on your LUN. And this can be achieve by Meta up few Single LUNs.

If you have 3 RAID Groups with 7 + 1 RAID 5 Configuration (7 Disks join as a RAID 5 Group and 1 as Hot spare), and you create a 60GB Single LUN on Group 1, you have 7 spindles to run this LUN. But if you create 20GN Single LUNs on each of your RAID Groups and Meta Stripe them together to become a 60GB Meta LUN, you are having 3 X 7 = 21 Spindles to run this LUN (theoretically we should call this RAID as RAID 50).

The same setting can apply to RAID 10 LUNs too, it will then become RAID 100.


  • To create Meta Stripe LUN, you need to have Single LUNs with same size and same RAID type.
  • Meta Strip and Meta Concatenation is difference. Meta Concatenation DO NOT improve performance!