Everyone is closely follow up the news after the Japan Earth quake last week, not just because the impact to the country, environment and also the people who are suffering from the incident. As from IT perspective, I am strongly urging all of us to reconsider many of the activity which been carry out there 24×7 today, to re-look into the strategy which could improve and save the environment. The Heat, e-waste and green issues been created due to IT is HIGH and we could not deny it. Therefore the latest solution and technology are very emphasis to reduce the necessary foot print & energy consumption which could harm the environment.

I am absolutely an IT users who always try to keep the environment green by reduce the energy consumption as much as possible. How about you? Had you done enough in your environment to assure this? There are more countries planning to introduce nuclear power reactor due to high demand on power and energy. Do we really that amount of energy for our IT infrastructure or even personal use? Can we think out the box to reduce the energy consumption by half? Especially in the data center area, there are way more advance thing we could do to reduce the total energy consumption, but it had not happen many way due to short term vision, selfish mindset, which users just do not care too much about the environment.

Let’s urge the peoples around all of us and help to reduce the unnecessary footprint and energy consumption by re-look into the infrastructure from time to time.