If you had previously installed, configured or an existing users of Cisco UCS, you may be excited with the latest firmware release from Cisco for the Unified Computing System. I had personally upgraded the firmware and tested with all the functionality, it looks much more better compare to the version 1.0. I will encourage most of you to consider the firmware upgrade which it significant enhance the interfaces and functionality for the Unified Computing System.

Cisco UCS

The new interface for the KVM also included the button to boot, reset and shutdown the server.


For the UCS web URL, you can also directly log in to the IP KVM and launch the specify Physical Server without logging into the UCS admin console. This will allow the users or administrator which do not require full admin access to the UCS Manager, to access the server console with an alternative method. To achieve this, it will recommend the IP KVM managment IP pools should be accessible from the LAN network.

With the new firmware release, I also found that the process to acssociate and disassociate the services profiles had been enhanced. The progress of the task execution are more accurate which can be easily view from the FSM tab for each of the item from the UCS Manager.

I also attached another few pictures that I previously setup for another project in Shanghai.


The rear view of the Cisco UCS which are sitting temporally in the staging room. Each chassis are connected with 4 SFP+ FCoE connections.

Front view of the 2 UCS Chassis
Front view of the 2 UCS Chassis.