Private Cloud computing had become a key focus in our region started from early this year. Many of the enterprise users are looking into providing IT as a Service to the business unit by adopting to Private cloud computing in their existing IT infrastructure. While Cloud computing become very efficient by offering on demand & utility base computing, self service management and others offering, some of us may had forgotten about the Internal IT operation compliance such as Incident, Problem, Change & Release management as an example. Are we going to revamp the entire process to bring private cloud computing into the environment? I am doubt about this, at least most of the users or client that I met, they will definitely require the compliance to stay on even the move to private cloud computing environment today or tomorrow.

Prior to the cloud computing solution roll out in the enterprise environment, we should spend more time to understand the road map and methodology to ensure the success roll out for the entire solution. Some features or functionality may or may not require to certain environments.

Example 1 : self service provisioning.

How many environments today allow IT users, administrator, applications owners or Business Owner to provision or de-provision without 3rd party involve? All of us may have a different answer on this. At least I had not seen this happen yet in multiple large enterprise environments that I had been worked before.

Self Service provisioning on public cloud may be very useful as we could perform any tasks at anytime without having to engage the 3rd party IT team for execution. But do remember, that is meant for public, which does not require IT support & Compliance as you did in Private base cloud computing. I wouldn’t say Self service are not good in private cloud computing, but you will require to plan, study and analyze further before the decision been made. For earlier adopter on server virtualization, we had gone through the change management processes revamp to manage the server sprawl while the server virtualization been introduced into the Infrastructure previously. By introducing self service provisioning into private cloud computing, I strongly urge you to re-look the IT processes prior to execution before it created another server or infrastructure sprawl.

Example 2: Change Management
How will the Change management process could be integrated to Cloud computing tomorrow? On demand for provisioning & de-provisioning, are tied up together with IT change management processes. More users will be granted with resources creation, manage or decommission. The change management processes require further enhancement to ensure all changes in the infrastructure are documented, review, approve and executed as it does today. Without change management, it will be another operation risk to the entire Cloud Infrastructure.

To summarize this post, I will suggest all of us to re-look into others areas beside technology prior to Cloud computing execution. Choose what you need & what are fit to your environment. Is not all about about what can be done by the technology today, the key success factor for Private Cloud Computing are very much dependent on How you plan, build, execute & operate it.