Intel Xeon E7 New Tech line Refresh bring 10 Cores and 20 Threads per CPU

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Intel had officially announced the latest Intel Xeon E7 family which bring more cores, more performance per CPU compare to the previous 8 cores processors in the market today. This is great news to the IT users especially cloud vendor, users or anyone who are the virtualization adopter. This will allow you to further scale out the amount of physical memory and computing power by reduce the physical foot print and management require.

here is the latest Intel Xeon E7 Data sheet. You can view the full copy over here.

Once again, I believe the consolidation ratio will be significant increase in most of the virtualization project in future.

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Cloud with Grid Computing Architecture

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CA 3Tera Applogic, is some of the new thing I recently look into it. The main reason I had a look on this are due to the long development and go to market cycle that will need to go through no matter which hypervisor or virtualziation software we choose to go today. Heavy development cost and time always impact the buy in for the cloud solution. With CA 3tera applogic, you will able to perform application stack deployment with drag & drop, copy & paste, or draw a line to interconnect any of the back end system without heavy customization configuration. I had been approach by the local CA representative and run through the demo, and I was shocked and impressed with how the entire thing just work.

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Data Center Facilities Considerations

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I had been busy with numbers of Data Center Projects recently. All of these projects are referring to Data Center Expansion or new Data Center Build up requirements. There are number of interest discussion we had with multiple clients and exchange technical knowledge and opinion from each others. Does a data center efficiencies or success measure by the size, usable capacity,  density or etc? Everyone should had a different opinion about this topic.

Traditional Data center were built by M&E or facilities management, mostly without IT department involvement. This had been transformed in most enterprise organization as IT has the better understanding what will be deployed into the data center after it build. There are always conflict from Facility and IT, as both KPI been measure separately and conflict to each other. Let’s assume a 5000 SFts data center, the facility guy may require to fill up the max capacity with the lowest budget. It may physical fill up with few hundred of racks and look nice at the end, but the usability could be  question due to the density and capacity per rack which impact the data center life cycle. A physical 42U rack doesn’t mean it allow us to fully mounted any physical devices into it, as we need to consider about the power and cooling pieces. From IT perspective, they will prefer to use less space into the data center, and reduce the power, cooling & cabling to achieve green IT environment. This had been part of IT main goal with storage consolidation, virtualization & I/O virtualization. If the power and cooling capacity are not proper plan, IT will not able to optimize the data center facilities.

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Network Consideration in Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Adoption to both virtualization and cloud computing, network become the important component of the success to both solutions. For many of the mature deployment and operation in virtualization, network become the uncontrolled piece in the virtual infrastructure which allow administrator to breech the change control management from the production network without proper authority from the network administrators. Some of you may not been agreed with this statement but it does impact the production environment.

The traditional vswitch or dvswitch did not provide control, manage as the physical switching environment in the data center. It allow administrator to provision new virtual machine and connect to network without proper request and change management in place. Let’s imagine, the effect will be the same as unauthorized persons connected a server to the production LAN without a change approval. In physical environment, we can shut off all the unused network ports in data center, in virtual, you will not able to perform this while using vswitch or dvswitch from vmware. Technology limitation for the past previous years does not allow network operation to be fully integrated until the Nexus 1000V from cisco & VMware join develop products come to place. This will allow administrator to manage and control the access level on the virtual environment as it does in physical switch. Transparency and Manageability is possible on virtual layer now.  Network performance analysis and troubleshooting become easier compare to previous.

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Require a vCloud Director Beta User

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VMware vCloud Director was announced some time ago and it’s still consider new to me. I was contacted by William from StratoGen and they are looking for vCloud Director Beta user.

StratoGen will shortly be launching an exciting new cloud platform based on VMware vcloud Director. This breakthrough product offers a huge range of exciting features allowing you to build, deploy and manage your own private cloud using our class leading infrastructure.

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