Unified Computing System with Unified Storage

Posted on January 30th, 2010 in Data Center, Server, Storage | 1 Comment »

Unified had become a key word today, and what does it really meant for everyone? It is similar as the phenomenal Cloud Computing 2 years ago.  We had seen the storage vendor are moving from FC SAN, ISCSI SAN, NAS to a unified storage today. What a unified storage does today are providing all the storage protocol standard in the market in a single box. Vendor such as EMC and Netapp had their Unified storage to support this today and proven to be performing and user are happy with it.

Beside unified storage, we are looking forward for unified computing system for the server compute platform too. Cisco had moved ahead of their competitor to bring this to the world and it is 1 fo the great platform that get attraction and adoption worldwide. Cisco UCS or Nexus 5000 both provide the unified I/O capabilities and allow us to transform the data center architecture today. Beside consolidating LAN and SAN into 1 with FCoE, the more interesting capabilities that get attention by us are the switching capacity.

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Cisco NetApp VMware Announce First Secure Multi-Tenancy Solution

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In respond to the VCE alliance which had been gaining famous in town, NetApp had officially launched the VCN alliance yesterday to provide the 1st secure multi-tenancy solution worldwide to the potential customer. This alliance partnership are slightly different from VCE as there will not be a join venture company to sell this solution in 1 part number. They are targeting to sell this solution through the certified partner worldwide.

You can have a full view about the VCN alliance details from here.

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NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for ESX ready for Download

Posted on October 27th, 2009 in Announcement, Storage, vSphere | No Comments »

Netapp had official release the virtual storage console for VMware ESX host. You can view more information from here.

If you are netapp existing customers, you can download the software from here

Below is the summary I link from Netapp official blog site

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FCoE End to End Solution with Cisco Nexus 5000 and Netapp Storage

Posted on October 1st, 2009 in Hardware, Server, Virtualization | No Comments »

FCoE will be the next trend for most users to be adopted. Previous post I had explain about the high level architecture from Cisco UCS. Here I will describe the FCoE end to end solution which is slightly different with the UCS architecture. Please note that both architecture is similar but it does not same to each others.


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Netapp Data Ontap 8

Posted on September 18th, 2009 in Industry News, Storage | 2 Comments »

Netapp had officially announce the latest Data Ontap 8 weeks ago. Here are some of the key features which may help to improve the capabilities of the existing Netapp users to reach the cloud solution, IaaS or ITaaS. Below are the new key features which contains in the new Data Ontap 8.

NetApp Data Motion – NetApp’s new data motion technology allows enterprises to move data nondisruptively across storage systems with zero application downtime. Now customers can eliminate the impact of planned maintenance outages in virtualized multi-tenant environments. NetApp Data Motion is the first solution of its kind in the storage industry and builds upon the NetApp unified storage architecture to greatly enhance availability for both internal and external cloud customers.
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