Database requirement in Citrix Xendesktop

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I had gone through few days of hands on training for Citrix Xendesktop. The experience of the training is good and it went through technical deep dive. 1 of the key thing we discussed during the training was about the databases requirements to support the Xendesktop and Xenapp infrastructure. Microsoft SQL will be 1 of the key component, and you will require to plan for the high availability architecture to support the production environment.

The best approach may just consider to build an independent Active/Passive or Active/Active SQL cluster to support the infrastructure. A backup for the SQL is always recommended to create recovery point in the event of data corruption. Most data on the SQL databases is the configuration changes, log and etc. Similar to VMWare vCenter Database.

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SQL Native client on vCenter 4 with Windows 2008 64 bits

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Many of you may had slowly migrated your vcenter to windows 2008 64 bits or R2 recently. As we know, the vCenter server will still require a 32 bit DSN to connect to the 64 bit SQL database even the operating system are currently on 64 bits. You may able to search this on the google easily which suggest you to execute this command odbcad32 from start run to create the 32 bits client, but this may not work actually. I done twice and I hit the same problem as the ODBC console launch are still 64 bits.

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vCenter Services stop after Windows Server rebooted

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You may faced the similar issue by default if you currently running your vcenter server 4 on top of Windows 2008. The reason of the services start up failure are due to the dependency setting require to add in manually.

I found the KB above which describe in details about the root cause and solution to over come this.

This issue may occur if the VirtualCenter Server service starts before one of the services it depends on. The VirtualCenter Server service is dependent on the following services:

  • SQL Services
  • ADAM Services (when using linked mode in vCenter Server 4.0)

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New experience on vCenter 4

Posted on May 23rd, 2009 in Tips, vCenter, Virtualization, vSphere | 1 Comment »

I just got the official release of vSphere 4 today and finally got it work on my test lab. 1st thing before I upgraded my ESX servers is I need to upgrade my vCenter. If you are running RC now, you may not able to manage the official release vSphere 4 host by RC version of vCenter you had. I reinstall fresh for my vCenter 4 on Windows 2003. Since is a test lab, I do not build the DB on SQL Server as I did for production. I am using the default sql express as part of the installation.The installation process will not be much different compare to RC, but the resource utilization of the vCenter 4 will make the different.

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Slow performance on vCenter 4

Posted on May 12th, 2009 in vCenter, Virtualization, vSphere | 4 Comments »

As vSphere is on the way, many of you may had experienced to test the RC release now. 1 of the thing you may notice is about the performance on vCenter 4 which bundle as part of the vSphere infrastructure in the coming release. I had personally compared the system performance within vCenter 2.5 and 4, and I found the vcenter 4 will require more resource to satisfy the system to run smoothly. The resource require to run the SQL server will not make any big different in this case, but you will notice the tomcat process in the task manager will take up quite a number of resources from your vCenter server.

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